Locus Reports

RTA Locus Sketch Plans & Photography.


We act for solicitors through the UK to gather evidence on road traffic accidents to either support or disprove a claim. when preparing A RTA Locus sketch plan report we will visit the accident scene and compile all the necessary evidence and information for the RTA locus plan.

The plan would show in particular - Clients approach, third party approach, the position and distances where each photograph was taken, road markings, street lighting / furniture and acccurate detailed measurements.

rta locus sketch plan

Road Traffic Accident- Location Plans

Our investigative support services will then prepare the report. The report inc a CAD sketch plan, photographs and photographic index.

accident location report
RTA Locus Reports

6 - 12 photographs taken, 5 sets of 8" x 6" photographic prints
CAD sketch plans,presented in bound booklets, x5 booklets supplied.
Other photographic /plans combinations available.

Allow 14 Days
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Our photographic legal services are used primary used by the legal profession where visual photographic evidence is required by solicitors and their clients personal injuries..

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